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Dental Office Marketing

Dental office marketing has aspects of marketing that are similar for all businesses. There are aspects of marketing that are about the retail portion of a dental practice and then there are very specific marketing practices that are unique to a Dental office.

There are three types of Dental Practice Niches:

1. Insurance based dental practice
2. Fee for Service based dental practice
3. Specialty focused Dental Practices

Then there are four stages of a dental practice:

1. New Office

A True Google Search Understanding

Understanding Google Search is vitally important to your business, if you are going to compete for online traffic and visibility.

I have been creating content for Google and the web for so long that I sometimes forget the depth of my understanding when trying to simplify it for a client or friend. What is SEO? Why is it important? How does it work? … All valid questions with pretty complicated answers. In my opinion, you never fully understand it unless

Don’t Just Take My Word For It …

AboutUs_ContentMarketing_Infographic_v5.3I know content and writing are a huge part of bringing business to you on the Internet – Why?  Because people are reading and interacting online, so you have to have something to read (and listen to and see) in order to interact online.  But don’t take my word for it, check out the infographic and what it is telling you, the business owner:

WHO:  Current and Future Clients


By Writing Blog Posts

By Posting

Spreading The Word of Your Business

Every Business Could Use More Brand Ambassadors Spreading The Word About Their Services


We offer you word of mouth marketing in person and online through social media, reviews, map listings and more.  We help you make the most of your best refers – those people who already love you.  Take advantage of our online assistance and spread the local word!

We are an affordable solution to more revenue.  No matter your business size, we can help you market yourself to

Positive Reviews Lead To More Business

Positive Reviews Lead To More Business Period!  That is why I use an amazing online, interactive smart software that interacts with your customers on your behalf, with approval on each activity.

This Is What It Does For Your Business:

1.  A toolbar that sits on top of your web site and shows / encourages reviews – like this one at the bottom:  http://www.personalinjury-911.com/

2. The program interacts with your Facebook & Social Media pages encouraging people to leave reviews and

Are You Monitoring Your Online Reviews!

online-reviews-helpRecently, there has been a rash of businesses contacting me and saying “Help.  I didn’t know I had all these online reviews and some of them are bad.  How do I monitor these?  Should I respond or ignore the bad reviews?  How can I manage this?”

And I give them my honest opinion – Always respond.  Be honest and courteous.  Of course you are going to have good or bad reviews, but as long as there is a balance, you

You Too Can Become Famous on the Internet

With the invention of YouTube and the rise of digital music players, music is everywhere and anyone can become a well known artist or a one hit wonder through the Internet.

Take Brittany Smith as an example.  The Singer/Songwriter recently released two singles, available on iTunes called “Captive” and “Show Me The Way,” which have been met with great success.

She also has a string of YouTube videos:

Brittany Smith creating a rock version of “Someone Like You” with Brent

Tame Your Email Inbox

I found the best e-mail management service on a Southwest flight this past weekend – it is called Unroll.me.  This free service helps you manage all your email “subscriptions” and “unsubscribes” to give you back your inbox.  So I tried it on two of my email accounts and here is how it works:

1.  Go To www.unroll.me

2.  Enter your email address (you must be using Gmail, and if you aren’t, I suggest you consider it).

3.  Suddenly, a list

A Little Protection Goes A Long Way

The world is getting more and more social as we can connect to anyone at anytime.  We didn’t have cell phones when I was a teenager.  I was autonomous when I was on a business trip unless I called in from a land line.  I could loose connection with friends / relatives / acquaintances for years, even decades and then catch up at a reunion.  This is no longer the world we live in.

Because of Facebook, I know what

Easy Web Site SEO Must Haves

You would like your site to show up in the search engines.

You would like Google, Yahoo and Bing to serve your site up on page one anytime someone is searching for a product or service just like you.

You want more business from the Internet.


But it is really expensive to have someone do it for you … at least the people who know what they are doing … and you don’t quite understand what you need to