Don’t Just Take My Word For It …

I know content and writing are a huge part of bringing business to you on the Internet – Why?  Because people are reading and interacting online, so you have to have something to read (and listen to and see) in … Continued

Spreading The Word of Your Business

Every Business Could Use More Brand Ambassadors Spreading The Word About Their Services   We offer you word of mouth marketing in person and online through social media, reviews, map listings and more.  We help you make the most of … Continued

Positive Reviews Lead To More Business

Positive Reviews Lead To More Business Period!  Did you know that hundreds of web sites publish information about your business?  We help you monitor your reviews and your information online. FREEDOM AND TIME to focus on the part of your … Continued

Are You Monitoring Your Online Reviews!

I have business owner contact me every week saying “Help.  I didn’t know I had all these online reviews and some of them are bad.  How do I monitor these?  Should I respond or ignore the bad reviews?  How can … Continued

You Too Can Become Famous on the Internet

With the invention of YouTube and the rise of digital music players, music is everywhere and anyone can become a well known artist or a one hit wonder through the Internet. Take Brittany Smith as an example.  The Singer/Songwriter recently … Continued

Tame Your Email Inbox

I found the best e-mail management service on a Southwest flight this past weekend – it is called  This free service helps you manage all your email “subscriptions” and “unsubscribes” to give you back your inbox.  So I tried … Continued

A Little Protection Goes A Long Way

The world is getting more and more social as we can connect to anyone at anytime.  We didn’t have cell phones when I was a teenager.  I was autonomous when I was on a business trip unless I called in … Continued

Easy Web Site SEO Must Haves

You would like your site to show up in the search engines. You would like Google, Yahoo and Bing to serve your site up on page one anytime someone is searching for a product or service just like you. You … Continued

Do You Have an Editorial Calendar?

One of the most difficult pieces of social media is posting relevant and interesting information on a regular basis.  In fact, this is the number one complaint and hesitation I hear from business owners when we sit down to talk … Continued